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Title: No title, composition 5 – (serie 4x4)
Size: 101 x 101 cm.
Material: Oil on Canvas
Price: 1800

Title: Sketch for Composition 5: no title, (4x4)
Material: Pencil on paper
Comment: this sketch was made simultaneously to the painting over a longer period of time. Finally it resulted in my first stained glass piece.

Title: Stained glass window: no title
Material: glass and lead
Comment: The design comes from composition 5: 4x4. The window is part of a triptych.

Title: blue print for stained glass
Material: pencil on paper
Comment: A blue print that is used to take precise measurements for the glass cutting.

Title: Tryptich
Comment: The painting in the middle is composition 5: no title, (4x4). On the right is a previous layer of Composition 7: no title (4x4) mirrored on the left with Photoshop. This image was the beginning of a Triptych stained glass window.